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Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

The Story

On August 6th a gentleman parked his boat for sale at a local intersection where 100’s of people would drive by the next morning on their way to work, summer school, and where-ever their day was taking them.

As I drove by after dropping my girls off at summer school I noticed the boat and it took my breath away. The boat had been vandalized with “F&@! BLM” Only, they weren’t as kind to sensor themselves. Many kids learned the F word that morning. I sat at the stop-light, my jaw hanging open, tears in my eyes. What if someone who was Black or African American drove by and saw it? I thought of the kids and friends who lived close that might see this and be wounded

So hurtful.

So hateful.

So evil.

All morning I was haunted by the site of that boat. I posted about it on Facebook to prove that racism is still alive and well. Just because we live in an area that is still segregated doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. Not ok.

We drove to the boat only to find the elderly owner scrubbing his heart out with paint thinner. The fumes were strong and it was obvious he was flustered. My heart broke again. He introduced himself and explained that he didn’t write this awful phrase. His wife had to leave because she was so upset.

I asked if it would be ok if we covered up the evil message with a good one. To counter evil with good, you know? He agreed and offered up his large blue tarp instead.

Kindness is defined in the dictionary as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Be Kind Signs

I smile every time I see the blue tarp with BE KIND ❤ on it in red spray paint. So I decided to create yard signs for people to put in their yards.

2020 has been so hard for so many. It’s a good reminder to just be kind to others.